How to Batch Upload on Hootsuite

For those of you who are working as a team to manage your brand’s online reputation and have upgraded to the Hootsuite Pro version – you may or may not be utilizing the batch upload feature.

What’s that you say? Never heard of it?
Well, let me tell you. It has a lot of potential,  but it cost me hours of setting up a style that worked for me.

You can learn to download the CSV directly from your hootsuite PRO account or download our 2011 batch upload Zip file that is a whole year of templates set up by number of days in the month. (Since you can only upload 50 updates at a time I figured I liked this little feature covering my updates monthly.) All you have to do is change the time stamp. (in military hours!)

Now, it’s inevitable that you will develop a few new curse words as you begin to compose and upload updates using batch upload.

Here are a few things that made me curse like a sailor. (yes, I *DO curse worse than what you’ve already heard – I’m talkin’ George Carlin kinda cursing) link to netflix

  1. You can’t use Quotation marks. So when you want to post a great quote like “Insist upon yourself. Be original.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson,  Forget it. Drop the quotations and write it like this : Insist upon yourself. Be original. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  2. Error messages. Get used to them. I posted this tweet – which I knew left me 14 characters . . . nope, wouldn’t let me upload it. Infuriating? Damn straight it is! But keep this in mind:  As time goes by – all of your questions will be addressed by the super awesome team at hootsuite.
  3. Owly added to end of tweet. I have had the shortened urls that leads directly to the Hootsuite website, added to the end of tweets. Now you may say, once you look at the layout of our 2011 Monthly Hootesuite Batch upload CSV files we created, that it was user error. I say nope. It happened on status updates that included no url. For the most part,  I can see that batch upload becoming and integral part of making quick work of your 2011 social media editorial calendar.

Overall, this new shiny feature is worth the initial time investment (and foul language that may bounce out of your mouth). It doesn’t matter if you’re an agency, a wannabe, a social media manager for you company, a local non-profit or you just want to re-post about the texture and viscosity of your coffee and share pictures of your bacon pancakes (like my bacon obsession would ever make it into in Bon Appetit.)

You can knock out one whole yearly batch of information (zip file)  and move on reading the latest post from the Oatmeal while you eat cheerios in your pink bunny slippers.

With Hootsuite, there is something for everyone!

If you’re just starting out on Hootsuite be sure to check out our resources page as well as this post on the TOP 10 @Hootsuite HOWTOs. . . have you recently upgraded to the PRO? Be sure to enroll in Hootsuite University!

And always remember, if you have any questions, be sure to check out Hootsuite’s Batch Scheduling Feedback (there is always a Support Captain monitoring the nest!)

Do you use Hootesuite batch upload?

How has it saved you time?


  1. No joke -- I have been trying to get this to work for me since the feature launched and it would not work. Period. You gave me the inspiration to try again and after an hour or so of trial and error, saving again and again -- it worked!! I was stunned to get the GREEN confirmation as opposed to the RED error messages that I had been getting. Thanks you guys!! Good tilling!!

  2. Happy to help! Let us know how the templates work out -- they are a real time saver! :)

  3. Call me a wannabe who appreciates your blog -- I will need to upgrade and take my educational beating to figure this out. Thanks @Dhatfield.

  4. You are our fave users today at HootSuite HQ! Big thanks for your instructional diligence, kind words and general awesomeness. Hoot on Farmers.

  5. WOW! Thanks Dave! Love to share what we learn! Keep up the awesomeness at HootSuite HQ -- us farmers really appreciate what you do!


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