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This tutorial provides an introduction for how to make WordPress posts. This will be the first in an on-going series of How-To’s for WordPress authored by the Farmers here at Experience Farm.

Some of the particulars may vary depending on the version of WordPress you have and the particular Theme you currently have installed.

Items covered:

  • Add New Post
  • Selecting a Title
  • Introducing the Toolbar
  • Adding Content
  • Inserting a Photo or Graphic
  • Inserting a Link
  • Inserting a YouTube video
Add New

Add New Post


Add New Post:

From the Dashboard, on the left hand side, click Posts, then Add New.


Selecting a Title:

Let’s start with the “Title“. Select something descriptive. Remember this is the first impression most people have of your post.

Try to use a keyword or keyword phrase in the Title. Search engines love text.

Setting your post's Title

Setting your post's Title

I used “WordPress” in the Title because it’s a great keyword for this particular post.


tooltip for "Kitchen Sink"

tooltip for "Kitchen Sink"

Introducing the Toolbar:

Hover over any of the Tools in the Toolbar and a tooltip will display showing you what that Tool is called.

On the far right you’ll notice there is an icon that is a square with dots in it. Hovering over this Tool will show the name to be: “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink“.  I’m a big fan of the Kitchen Sink! I like having the Undo button, extra text formatting options, and more. I recommend getting in the habit of working with the Kitchen Sink shown so you get the full range of Tools in the toolbar.

This is how the Kitchen Sink looks when shown.

This is how the Kitchen Sink looks when shown.


Adding Content:

Type into the text field what you’d like to say. You can Bold your text or put it in Italics. You can strike through text: Like This. The tools are similar to most standard text editors.

Text Field

WordPress Text Field

"Add an Image" tooltip

"Add an Image" tooltip


Inserting a Photo or Graphic:

Adding images is easy, and optimizing them for the search engines is easy as well. In the Toolbar, click on the icon just to the right of “Upload/Insert”. This will call up the “Add an image” window.

Inserting an Image In a Post

Inserting an Image In a Post

Title and Alternate Text are ways to provide additional information on a photo/graphic. Hovering over the image will display this info. Search engines read this too.

Caption: Add a Caption for photos/graphics that need information visible below the image.

Alignment: You can have the text in your post wrap the image, select the Left, Center, or Right – depending on where you’d like the image to be aligned to.

Size: If your image is over-large, you can select Thumbnail, Medium, or Large to make it smaller. Chose Full-Size if you don’t need to change the size.


Inserting a Link:

Inserting links to other webpages is easy to do. Select the text you want to be a link, then click on the Insert Link symbol in the Toolbar. I usually select Open in new Tab/Window. This leaves your blog open in the visitor’s browser even though the visitor has navigated to the linked page.


Inserting a YouTube Video:

Ok, learning this one took me some time to figure out. I thought it should be a whole lot harder – so I totally missed how simple it is!

Go to the YouTube.com and pick out your video. Copy the url of this video, paste it into your WordPress post where you’d like the video to appear. Yes, it is that simple.

Copy then Paste the YouTube Web Address to Insert Video into WordPress post

Copy then Paste the YouTube Web Address to Insert Video into WordPress post


Insert Post Tags:

The best description of what Post Tags are and why to use them (from @MyBusinessPresence on her blog MyBusinessPresence.com – this is a great article about Tag Posts) :

Using Post Tags on your WordPress blog not only helps your readers find related articles by clicking on the tags, but it is also a great way to add relevant keywords to your posts, which help it become found by the search engines.

Post Tags

Post Tags



This concludes our introduction to “How to make a WordPress post”.

Check out our Resources page for more WordPress how-to’s and tutorials.

What would you like to learn about WordPress?

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