Meetings: Top 5 Tips on How to Accomplish More in Less Time

How many hours do you spend preparing for and in meetings during an average week? 2hours?. . . 5, 7 . . . more?

Now factor in the amount of travel time there and back.

Are you surprised at the amount of time you are spending per week?

Meetings are an important facet of your business, but the time you spend on task and focused is vital to your bottom line and improving the efficiency of your meetings is key to protecting it.

Here are the Top 5 Tips to accomplish more at your next meeting :

1 – Is a Face to Face Meeting is Necessary?

2 – Stay Focused on the Goal

  • It’s easy to get caught up in small talk at meetings, but when it comes down to getting things done – it is vital to keep your team focused on the goal of the meeting. Be firm but polite as you bring everyone’s attention back on task.
  • Ask all attending to turn off cell phones. It is distracting and disrespectful of everyone’s time when someone stops to take a call or is texting during a meeting. : Use Proper Cell Phone Etiquette at Work
  • Keep notes on ideas that are off topic and follow up with an email after meeting has concluded.

3 – Cut Estimated Meeting Time in Half

  • Be sure to value everyone’s time by cutting your one hour meeting to a half hour. You will be amazed how much more focused and efficient your meetings become!  : 7 Tips for Cutting Your Meeting Time in Half
  • Don’t go over your estimated meeting time and be respectful of all attending. Attendees have scheduled their day and next meeting based on the allotted meeting time agreed to.

4 – Invite Necessary Team Members

  • Carefully consider who needs to be at the meeting and why. Often only the key decision makers and project leads needs to be present, everyone else on the team can be brought up to speed after. (keep in mind it is vital to ask for feed back from all team members and address any concerns, suggestions and helpful advice with respect and gratitude.)

5 – Follow up with a Recap of the Meeting

  • It is vital that you follow up each meeting with a recap via email. It should cover what was accomplished, what is left to be accomplished and by whom with due dates, and of course to thank everyone for their time.


What are some of your tips for accomplishing more in less time when it comes to meetings?


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