Swag Bags : The Art of a Brand Experience

Let’s face it . . . when we go to some large events, the swag bags that we are given usually are filled with t-shirts, stickers and various non-essential branded debris that usually end up going to Goodwill or worse . . . the trash.

It’s a grand thing when the event sponsors and hosts go out of their way to make sure each attendee has a swag bag full of items that are useful, not only for the event itself, but for long after. Having a swag bag that creates a great brand experience for all sponsors and hosts is something attendees will not soon forget.

My favorite swag bag to date? The one I brought home from #brimfield. (My husband and I provided photography and video coverage of the inaugural event.)  We had such a great time meeting new tweeps and seeing old friends and clients.

Leave it to the interior design community to really step up the game when it comes to tweetup swag! Every single item was thoughtfully chosen to prepare each attendee for the pilgrimage of visiting nearly 6000 vendors . . .

Let’s take a look at what went into the #brimfield swag bag:

  • The Daily Basics and Gretchen Aubuchon Design not only organized the event but provided each attendee with a lanyard and a USB drive with all the info for the event.  The bag itself is phenomenal! It’s embroidered with the #Brimfield hashtag that sparked many a conversation with other tweeps . . . and besides who doesn’t love a heavy duty shopping bag!
  • Benjamin Moore really come through with the latest color decks (check out their new color lock Aura paint!) as well as an additional bag for those little last minute finds.
  • Aubuchon Hardware is my hero with the large tape measure that is absolutely invaluable when shopping for that perfect piece! (I have to admit that this is my favorite goodie and has come in handy in my latest furniture designs.) They also included some seeds to plant in the garden as well as phoncho, just in case it rained! How thoughtful is that?!
  • Better Homes and Gardens offered a sweet treat as well as a little ditty bag with Kleenex, Carmex and Lifesavers. Loved this practical but VERY useful addition.

Interested in attending the next #brimfield tweetup? Sign up for the September Brimfield Tweetup event here and prepare to be amazed by the sponsors and hosts.

For those of you who are DIYers out there  . . . there is a special treat at the September event! Lucianna Samu author of Paint Saves the Day will be there working her magic on more Brimfield Finds!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, here is a little history of Brimfield and why this is the mecca for all things antique!

Learn how you can help the residents of Brimfield who were effected by the tornado of June 1, 2011.

What was the best swag bag you received?

What items do you think are essential in a swag bag?

When planning your event, what items are a must for your swag bags and do you request specific items from your sponsors?



  1. Danielle. Now this is a Swag Bag right up my alley! Thanks for the shout out and we will see you again soon. Can’t wait to see what the girls come up with for me this time!

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